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Pamphleteering across Cape Town!


As 21 March 2010 approaches, EE has gone up a gear in its efforts to have 10,000 people come together for a concert and march to Parliament.

Huge news this week is that HHP will be playing at the concert.

Soon, there will be daily EE clips on Cape Town TV at around 4:30pm, so look out for that.

But the real work to get people to the march happens on the ground.

This past week EE volunteers have been up before dawn to hit train stations and taxi ranks with petitions and pamphlets. On Friday 26 February it was the turn of Phillipi Station and Nyanga Junction to experience the campaign. From OK Bazaars workers and petrol attendants on their way to work, to security guards coming home from the night shift, to learners from hundreds of different schools off for another day in the classroom, everyone was recruited to support the campaign: "1 School 1 Library 1 Librarian".

These primary school recruits opened their schools bags and we put fliers directly into their bags so they could show their teachers.

If you'd like to help, and feel like an early wake-up from time to time, give Lwandiso Stofile a call on 071 118 4662 and ask him to add you to one of the campaign groups.

Carla GoldsteinPamphleteering across Cape Town!