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Open Letter to WCED on School Libraries

One month ago Equal Education [EE] wrote to the Western Cape Education Department's [WCED] Acting Head Brian Schreuder. This was in response to the WCED's announcement that it was implementing one of the five key demands of the EE Campaign for School Libraries. In our letter we noted the move by the WCED was in line with the requirement of Section 195 of the Constitution that public administration be “accountable”. However, Brian Schreuder has failed to respond, or contact EE. In our letter we said: " Please note that in the interests of public access to information, transparency and accountability to our members we reserve the right to make this letter public." Due to Mr Schreuder's failure to respond we now make our original letter public. Read the full letter by clicking here or download the attachment below.

Carla GoldsteinOpen Letter to WCED on School Libraries