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Learners from Grahamstown write to President Zuma

On 19 November 2010, fifteen Grade Five learners from Kingswood College in Grahamstown addressed letters to President Zuma expressing their concern over the severe lack of libraries in South African public schools. James Rippon wrote, ‘‘I am asking you, give us libraries… if we don’t have them we can’t read and learn about history.’’ Wendy Poole stressed, ‘‘We need libraries to learn, to read, and we need to be able to read to get a job.’’ Conna van Blerk wrote, ‘‘If Grade 1 or 2 don’t read every day, they will never catch up on work.’’ Equal Education has forwarded the fifteen letters onto President Zuma. We urge him to read them.

Carla GoldsteinLearners from Grahamstown write to President Zuma