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International Volunteers

Equal Education has benefited enormously from the help of volunteers, including international volunteers. We do not accept international volunteers for periods shorter than three months. We prefer international volunteers for a minimum period of six months. We can assist with transport, where possible. International volunteers would perform similar tasks to those listed above under local volunteers.





Rachel Goodman – WOODSTOCK, NY – George Washington University 

"I worked with Equal Education from August 2008-December 2008 as the first American intern/volunteer. I worked most specifically on the 2008 'Fix Our Windows' campaign, and along with Nokubonga, led a poetry workshop at the weekly youth group meetings to help the learners prepare poems to share at our final 'Fix Our Windows' rally. My time with Equal Education was absolutely invaluable, and I was blown away by the passion of the learners, and their commitment to work, often in the face of bureaucratic obstacles and discouraging politics, for a better future. That kind of dedication among young learners is hard to find where I am from, and my experience with Equal Education filled me with hope and excitement for the future of South Africa, with such amazing young people rising as the next generation of leaders."


Jonah Silberg – BETHESDA, MD – Northeastern University

"…[I] came to Equal Education as in intern from February-June 2010. After managing school visit data for the March 21, 2010 Walk and Concert for School Libraries, I worked to present a research report on the Western Cape Education Department's Khanya Project, a classroom technology distribution and training initiative. I was always impressed with the ability of EE youth leaders to recruit learners for events and programming- without their interest and attendance there would be no movement. I'm currently finishing a BS in Sociology at Northeastern University in Boston and am pursuing a career in nonprofit fundraising and promotions."

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