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Letter From Department of Education 23 August 2010


Equal Education                                                                    2010-08-23




For attention: Doron Isaacs



A big thank you from the GDE: Library Unit and Library Facilitators in districts for the excellent work EE is doing. We appreciate EE’s hard work and commitment to education.


The lack of a National School Library policy is serious and constantly needs to be under the attention of government. Absence of school libraries has a  negative effect on teaching and learning, and we experience it first hand in Gauteng schools.


You are an extension of our hands and we applaud the way in which you address this crucial matter.


Best of luck with all your plans, activities and continuous struggle for the right to basic education for all in SA.  We trust it will result in better education and a School Library Policy.


Be assured of our full support for your campaign for school libraries.  



Yours truly,



Busi Dlamini

Unit Head: Multimedia Unit











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Carla GoldsteinLetter From Department of Education 23 August 2010