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EE welcomes KwaZulu-Natal learners to the movement!

The movement for equal and quality education is expanding! From 10 to 12 June 2011, Equal Education (EE) ran its first camp in KwaZulu-Natal at Babanango Valley where we welcomed 45 new Equalisers to the movement. The learners were from schools in Nquthu and Umlazi.

The purpose of the camp was to inform the learners about our work and to give them a better understanding of the South African education system. The new Equalisers also learnt that it was up to them to take charge and effect change.  

In addition to many fun activities, there was also a great deal of discussion, and the Equalisers used every opportunity to ask questions and get clarity on issues. Participants also shared some of the challenges they faced in their own schools. Some learners talked about teachers who send them to town during school hours, while others spoke of teachers who share cigarettes in the toilets with learners. Lovey Mthethwa, one of the new Equalisers, said afterwards: “The camp was educational and also full of fun.” 

The camp was an historic moment for EE in KwaZulu-Natal. We are motivated to keep the momentum going and we welcome this new group of education activists to the movement.

See pictures of the camp here.

Carla GoldsteinEE welcomes KwaZulu-Natal learners to the movement!