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EE offers minister 1-month extension

EE has agreed to the extension for two reasons:

  1. EE always prefers to avoid litigation if possible, viewing it as a last resort. If the Minister feels the same way she now has a month to ensure that this is not necessary.
  2. The Minister has committed to drastically improving the draft norms which she published in January. In her 9 May letter to EE, less than a week before the agreed deadline, Minister Motshekga wrote: “…from the comments received, I have discerned that it is undesirable for me to finalise and promulgate the norms and standards in their current form. In the main, stakeholders object to the fact that the norms and standards lack substance and certainty, and that there is no clear framework or plan for implementing the norms and standards.”
Carla GoldsteinEE offers minister 1-month extension