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What is an Equaliser?

Equal Education members are called ‘Equalisers.’ As the name suggests, ‘Equalisers’ are bringers and builders of equality. Equalisers are leaders and role models to their classmates in their attitude toward education. They have a firm belief in the value of education and constantly seek to improve education for themselves and for others. Equalisers are also actively involved in the affairs of their community, and are of service to their schools and their teachers. Equalisers are passionate about the responsibility they carry in the struggle for change in education. They recognise that this change begins in themselves and from within their classrooms.




Weekly Meetings

Equal Education holds weekly meetings that build social and political consciousness and encourage debate among members. These meetings bring together a mix of learners from different high schools divided into groups according to school grades. The activities draw on current affairs, politics and examples from history covering a wide range of issues that affect young people such as gender, economic inequality and xenophobia. Youth groups undertake projects in media, photography and go on outings as part of their activities. Youth group meetings are also the place to develop the movement’s young leaders. There are now four groups that meet weekly in Khayelitsha, one group in Bonteheuwel and one in Kraaifontein.



Equal Education‘s equalisers connect the movement with parents, teachers and community leaders. Mass-meetings of equalisers take place every month, where they are informed of developments taking place in the movement’s work, and where they meet their friends from other schools. These meetings are used to prepare movement members for campaigns and organising work that will take place in the community such as distribution of campaign leaflets, putting up posters, visiting community centres or planning event




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