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Equal Education to present on education at United Front Preparatory Assembly in Johannesburg this weekend

Equal Education has accepted an invitation to present at the United Front Preparatory Assembly being held in Johannesburg on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 December. We will give a brief overview of the challenges facing quality and equal schooling in South Africa, and will explain our work.

The EE National Council recently resolved not to join the United Front at this time. On 4 November 2014 EE’s Chairperson Yoliswa Dwane and General Secretary Brad Brockman wrote to NUMSA General Secretary Irvin Jim to explain this as follows:

“On 18 October, EE’s National Council met and resolved that … at this stage we do not want to formally join the United Front… However, we would like to remain engaged with the United Front and are open to working together with the coalition on particular projects. We also would like to continue working with NUMSA and the NUMSA Youth Forum, including at community level.”

We have accepted the invitation to present our work at the United Front Preparatory Assembly in that spirit.

Equal Education is deeply concerned about the growing class inequalities in South Africa. These cannot be overcome unless there is a united movement of the poor and working class undertaking principled action on the basis of sound analysis. Closer cooperation between community organisations, social movements and trade unions is therefore needed. Solidarity between the struggles of workers and poor communities in both urban and rural areas is vital.

In this light the disunity in COSATU imperils the unity and hopes of our people, and is a cause of grave concern. We call for the expulsion of NUMSA to be immediately reversed as a step towards a new unity of workers and communities — a principled unity that is based on advancing the struggle for freedom and social equality.
Brad Brockman (EE General Secretary) 072 267 8489
Nombulelo Nyathela (EE Spokesperson) 060 503 4933
Carla GoldsteinEqual Education to present on education at United Front Preparatory Assembly in Johannesburg this weekend