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Junior Organiser (Western Cape)


Equal Education is a dynamic, youth driven social movement striving for an equal and quality education system for all through advocacy and activism, informed by rigorous research. Equal Education is organised in five provinces: Eastern Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, and the Western Cape. Equal Education works by identifying systemic and localised problems affecting the quality of education, and addresses these problems through local and national campaigns; a commitment to robust political education and campaign strategising with members working in schools and with marginalised communities; and building a strong research base through primary and secondary research.

Equal Education is seeking to fill the vacancy of Junior Organiser in the Western Cape to be based in the Equal Education Head office in Khayelitsha. The successful candidate must have a strong commitment to democracy, equality, intersectionality, social justice and human rights.

Job position:  Junior Organiser

Level: Entry

Position: This is a two year fixed-term contract based in the Western Cape, reporting to the Head and Deputy of organising in the Western Cape.

Description: The Junior Organiser plays a critical role in the movement, and is tasked with assisting the Heads of the Western Cape in developing and implementing strategic organising and campaign plans; supporting Community Leaders, Facilitators (post-school youth), parents and Equalisers (high school going learners) in youth organising; growing and sustaining our movement; and assisting with outreaches to stakeholders.

Core capabilities:  

    • Active role model.
    • A strong commitment to and experience in building communities.
    • Interest in working with and developing young people.
    • A commitment to strengthening the education system in South Africa and to investing time and energy in breaking the inequality that the youth face every day.
    • Experience in facilitating engagements with and training young people.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills.
    • Demonstrate good leadership skills.
    • Must be able to work independently.
    • Computer literate.

Applicants required to:

Respond in writing to the following questions: 

Q1: How can we encourage a culture of progressive and conscious activism in young people living in our communities? How do we promote active citizenship? 

Q2: The world believes young people to be apathetic. We are said to lack interest in the socio-political landscape and current affairs of our country. What are your thoughts on this perception? What role do you think social movements, NGOs and communities can play during these times? 

Q3: At Equal Education, a Junior Organiser is responsible for the oversight and support of community leaders. Please describe three (3) different ways you understand your role to lead and oversee community leaders.

Please submit a CV, cover letter and answers to Ntsiki@equaleducation.org.za or hr@equaleducation.org.za.

Closing date: Thursday, 6 January 2022

Junior Community Leader (CL) internship programme


Equal Education’s (EE) Junior Community Leader (CL) internship programme is for young people who are passionate about being leaders within and outside their communities. Through the programme, aspiring young activists develop leadership, facilitation, community organising and communication skills. During the internship, CLs will be involved in running youth groups. Youth group is our main platform for engaging and developing Equalisers. The work of a CL will entail: working with a team of Facilitators, building strong relationships in communities and schools, and participating in assisting with campaigns. Participants must be energetic, hard-working, self-motivated, have good facilitation skills and be team players who are able to adapt to a fast-changing environment. 

The 2022 CL internship programme entails the following:

  1. It is a one year, full-time, paid internship based in the Youth Department.
  2. Building strong relationships with various stakeholders including parents, schools and organisations. 
  3. Each CL will be an integral part of youth groups, which includes working with a team of Facilitators (post-school youth), Equalisers (high school going learners) and parents, and ensuring that logistics around youth groups are taken care of. 
  4. Political education, leadership development, and other training workshops.  
  5. Representing EE on public and private platforms.
  6. Contribute to shaping an environment that is equal and safe for Equalisers to participate in.
  7. Contribute to the creation of a positive environment for both members and staff at EE.
  8. Provide support and training to Facilitators.
  9. Show a commitment to movement building and building communities.
  10. Must have an interest in working with young people.
  11. Office hours are 9am – 5pm. However, CLs work flexible hours (late evenings and weekends). 


  1. Must be between ages of 18 – 25.
  2. Past experience working with schools and facilitation would be an advantage.
  3. Are able to commit 100% of your time to the organisation. Successful applicants must be able to start the programme full-time on 14 January 2022.
  4. Skills and Competencies
    • Must have matriculated
    • Basic computer literacy
    • Sound organising skills 
    • Previous facilitation and public speaking experience  would be advantageous
    • Previous experience at a youth development organisation would be advantageous

5. Characteristics we are looking for include:

    • Ethical leadership
    • Ability to work hard and focus
    • Maturity
    • Dedication
    • Passion
    • Responsibility
    • Creativity
    • Communication skills
    • Honesty
    • Interest in human rights issues
    • Punctuality
    • Problem solving techniques.


Closing date: Thursday 6 January 2022

Carla GoldsteinWestern Cape