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Equal Education picketed Parliament the day before Minister of Finance Pravin Gordahn delivered the 2012 Budget Speech. The picket, which was attended by over 150 students was held to highlight the misspending in Education Departments across the country.


The picket started with a Punch and Judy puppet show that explained the importance of norms and standards and the history of Equal Education’s campaign. The puppet show was performed by Equal Education members and featured the fictional character “Xolani” who joined the campaign for minimum norms and standards for school infrastructure



Equal Education delivered a memorandum to a representative of the National Treasury that called on the Minister of Finance to:

  1. ncrease the budget allocation for the building of school infrastructure.
  2. Engage the Minster of Basic Education to support and promote the urgent promulgating of Minimum Norms and Standard for School Infrastructure; as well as, an implementation plan.
  3. Provide improved oversight to ensure better financial management and accountability from our provinces.
  4. Assist in building the capacity of provinces, as well as the National Department of Education, for financial management.
  5. Where mismanagement of public funds or corruption is found, appropriate charges must be brought against officials concerned.


Equal Education will continue to campaign for minimum norms and standards for school infrastructure in South African schools!


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