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From 8-11 July 2012 Equal Education (EE) will hold the Equal Education National Congress 2012 (the congress), at the University of Johannesburg. The congress will bring together over 300 EE delegates, including staff, learners, post-school youth, librarians, parents and teachers from around the country, to discuss and shape the future of EE. It will be a pivotal point in the growth of EE as members will take ownership of the organisation.

The opening event on the evening of the 8th of July will be held in Tembisa, where EE has opened its newest branch. Events on the 9th and 11th of July will be held at the University of Johannesburg. On 10th July delegates will visit points of historical and political interest in Johannesburg.

At the congress, delegates will debate the challenges facing youth locally and globally, and will critically examine the South African education system as a key to overcoming these challenges. Delegates will engage in debates about EE’s vision and plans for quality and equal education for all, and specifically how to build the movement to achieve that vision. These debates will culminate when delegates vote on resolutions which will define the future of EE and the direction it will take.

EE’s highest decision-making body, the EE board, was appointed when the organisation was started four years ago. The guidance of the board has been indispensable to the growth of EE. However, now it is time for EE’s members to elect the leaders who will represent them at the highest level. At congress delegates will nominate and vote in new leadership. This will enable EE to continue to become a vibrant, internally democratic movement.

EE’s interim Constitution will also be adopted which, in time, will become a final Constitution – the most important document governing the organisation.

On Thursday, 12 July, EE delegates will mobilise in Tembisa for a march. The march will celebrate the opening of EE’s newest branch and introduce EE to the Tembisa community.

The state of the South African education system has become an issue of national interest. Over the last for years EE has raised awareness about the problems in our education system and mobilised thousands across the country. The congress will occur at a time when the whole country is talking about education.  It will provide momentum for the continuing struggle for quality and equal education.

This key event will signify EE’s transformation into a mass-based, internally democratic movement. It will grow the participation of members in decision-making and encourage and mobilise members to take ownership of EE and take responsibility for its future.

For more information please contact Yoliswa Dwane on 072 342 7747 or Ovayo Wotshela on 073 732 4391