Campaign for Norms and Standards
isiXhosa - Oko sikulwelayo?
Infrastructure Survey
Planning to Fail - Eastern Cape
isiXhosa - Planning to Fail
Time's Up!
Timeline for Norms and Standards Camapign
isiZulu - Yini Esiyilwelayo
School Infrastructure Crisis
Sepedi - Re lwela eng?

Sanitation - Gauteng

The Case of Michael Komape
Fighting for Sanitation in South Africa's Schools: Social Audit for Social Justice
Michael Komape Case Timeline
Gauteng Schools Social Audit Report
2015 - Fighting for Sanitation
2014 - Report on the Right to Access Sufficient Water and Decent Sanitation in South Africa
Understanding Overcrowding in Gauteng Schools
Eradicate Asbestos
2018 - Breaking the Cycle: Uncovering Persistant Sanitation Challenges in Gauteng Schools
What is Overcrowding?
The Long Walk to School (KZN)
Learner Transport - An Ongoing Crisis
2020 - We are tired of walking MEC Mshengu!
The Long Walk to School (KZN) - IsiZulu
Learner Transport Timeline
The Long Walk to School - Right to Protest
Protest 2015 - Funds for Pomp, Ceremony and SUVs but not for Scholar Transport
Uhambo Olude
Demand for Learner Transport
Going to Court
The Long Walk to Education - Crisis KwaZulu Natal
2020 - Analysis of Draft KZN Learner Transport Policy
Demand for a Conditional Grant
Of “Loose Papers and Vague Allegations”: A Social Audit Report on the Safety and Sanitation Crisis in Western Cape Schools
Executive Summary of the Western Cape Schools Safety and Sanitation Social Audit Report
Pictures from the Western Cape Schools Safety and Sanitation Social Audit


Section27 Report on the Non-delivery of Textbooks in Limpopo Province (2013)
The Education Rights Handbook (2017)
Human Rights Campaign: Delivery of Primary Learning Materials to Schools (2014)
Equal Education Textbook Video (2010)

Covid-19 and Education

The Resuming of the National School Nutrition Programme (NSNP) under Lockdown
Reflections on Lockdown - Equalizer

Fees Must Fall

Popular Education Materials

What is Equal Education (EE)?
Equal Education Law Center (EELC) - The Right to Protest
Western Cape Educational Department (WCED) Education Amendment Bill: Equal Education's Commentary
Campaign Against Late Coming
Withholding A Learner's Report Card is Unlawful (Equal Education Law Center)
What is the 'Three Stream' System?
Lungisa Izikolo Zethu!
Equal Education Conducts Research During Covid-19
Leanne Jansen-ThomasPAMPHLETS