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6 May 2010


Equal Education holding a series of ‘Read-Ins’ as a form of protest for functioning school libraries


By Equal Education


From the 10- 13 May 2010 at 4:00 pm, Equal Education (EE) and its learner members will hold a series of pickets in the form of ‘Read-Ins’ in front Parliament in Cape Town. 


These ‘Read-Ins’ will remind the government of the desperate need for learners to have a safe places close to home to study, do homework and read for pleasure. Currently, many of the children from this country are not able to read, write or count and this is because of a lack of resources such as textbooks, laboratories and libraries. 

The South African education department claims that creating a text rich environment is crucial to improvement of reading. However, there are no clear and finalised policies and concrete plans to make sure that resources such as libraries are made available to the majority of the working class schools in this country. 


These protests are part a strategy developed at Equal Education’s National Consultation. As part of the way forward, EE intends to increase its mobilization efforts and deliver the message of Equal Education to each and every young person in South Africa.  


We will not rest until the children of this country are treated with dignity and afforded their rights to education and equality. These rights have been violated by the government by not affording them with basic facilities to access information.