Research by EE, independently published research on education, and research into EE and/or EE Law Centre,

thumbnail of Full EE Planning to Fail Report 2017

Full Planning to Fail Report on EE’s Eastern Cape school visits.

thumbnail of planning-to-fail-summary-of-findings

Planning to Fail: Summary of Findings from EE’s Eastern Cape School Visits, November 2016

thumbnail of wcamendmentbillpamphlet

Pamphlet guide to the WCED Education Amendment Bill

thumbnail of dissertation-right-to-education-olivia-murphy-2014

Olivia Murphy ‘Realising the Right to Education in South Africa: The Role of Law’ (University of Sussex, MA: 2014).

thumbnail of ee-and-eelc-partnership-paper-draft-v3-megumi

Megumi Tsutsui ‘Lessons for improving impact of public interest litigation: A study of the Equal Education and Equal Education Law Centre Partnership’ (Harvard University, Independent Clinical Paper: January 2013).

thumbnail of h-angara-500-broken-windows-2011

Harini Angara ‘The 500 Windows Campaign: A Case Study of a Youth Movement for Educational Resources in South Africa’ (InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies, 7(2): 2011).

thumbnail of unequal-education-bell-mphil-thesis

Stephanie Bell ‘Unequal Education? Knowledge-based limitations on substantive citizenship in South Africa’ (University of Oxford, MPhil: 2012).

thumbnail of azwihangwisi-mufamadi-ma-thesis-april-2014

Azwihangwisi Mufamadi ‘The media, Equal Education and school learners: an investigation of the possibility of ‘political listening’ in the South African education crisis’ (Rhodes University, MA: 2014).

Research which features Equal Education and/or the Equal Education Law Centre

thumbnail of Public-interest-litigation-and-social-change-in-SA

Steven Budlender, Gilbert Marcus SC & Nick Ferreira ‘Public interest litigation and social change in South Africa: Strategies, tactics and lessons’ (Atlantic Philanthropies: 2014).

thumbnail of making-all-voices-count-sa-country-analysis-2013

Debbie Budlender ‘Making All Voices Count – SA Country Analysis’ (IBP & MAVC: 2013).

thumbnail of Columbia-Case-Study-case-epilogue-teaching-note

Fighting for Equality in Education: Student Activism in Post-apartheid South Africa’ (Columbia University Case Consortium, 2014)

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