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thumbnail of Low res Dikolo tša go hloka seriti (Schools Without Dignity) EE Limpopo school visits report 29 November 2017

Dikolo tša go hloka seriti (Schools Without Dignity): an Equal Education report on the provision of water and sanitation in Limpopo schools.


thumbnail of Full EE Planning to Fail Report 2017

Full Planning to Fail Report on EE’s Eastern Cape school visits.

thumbnail of planning-to-fail-summary-of-findings

Planning to Fail: Summary of Findings from EE’s Eastern Cape School Visits, November 2016

thumbnail of wcamendmentbillpamphlet

Pamphlet guide to the WCED Education Amendment Bill

thumbnail of 15 ways to pay for decent schools

A Note to the Finance Minister: 15 Ways to Fund Schools

thumbnail of dissertation-right-to-education-olivia-murphy-2014

Olivia Murphy ‘Realising the Right to Education in South Africa: The Role of Law’ (University of Sussex, MA: 2014).

thumbnail of ee-and-eelc-partnership-paper-draft-v3-megumi

Megumi Tsutsui ‘Lessons for improving impact of public interest litigation: A study of the Equal Education and Equal Education Law Centre Partnership’ (Harvard University, Independent Clinical Paper: January 2013).

thumbnail of unequal-education-bell-mphil-thesis

Stephanie Bell ‘Unequal Education? Knowledge-based limitations on substantive citizenship in South Africa’ (University of Oxford, MPhil: 2012).

thumbnail of h-angara-500-broken-windows-2011

Harini Angara ‘The 500 Windows Campaign: A Case Study of a Youth Movement for Educational Resources in South Africa’ (InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies, 7(2): 2011).

Research which features Equal Education and/or the Equal Education Law Centre

thumbnail of Public-interest-litigation-and-social-change-in-SA

Steven Budlender, Gilbert Marcus SC & Nick Ferreira ‘Public interest litigation and social change in South Africa: Strategies, tactics and lessons’ (Atlantic Philanthropies: 2014).

thumbnail of Columbia-Case-Study-case-epilogue-teaching-note

Fighting for Equality in Education: Student Activism in Post-apartheid South Africa’ (Columbia University Case Consortium, 2014)

thumbnail of azwihangwisi-mufamadi-ma-thesis-april-2014

Azwihangwisi Mufamadi ‘The media, Equal Education and school learners: an investigation of the possibility of ‘political listening’ in the South African education crisis’ (Rhodes University, MA: 2014).

thumbnail of making-all-voices-count-sa-country-analysis-2013

Debbie Budlender ‘Making All Voices Count – SA Country Analysis’ (IBP & MAVC: 2013).

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