Equal Education (EE) strives to be a place which centres the protection of its members – especially those who are children – at all times. Setting out the framework for achieving this is our “Interim Safeguarding Policy”. This applies to all staff, volunteers, partner organisations, and external service providers who come into contact with Equalisers (this includes both all learners and EE learner members).

A policy of this nature cannot cover every scenario nor can it be sufficient to expect safeguarding to happen purely because such a policy exists. Guarding against wrongdoing and reporting misconduct must become part of the culture of EE. Such a culture means being conscious of always ensuring that EE is a safe and welcoming environment for all, where behaviour that harms others is not accepted. Part of maintaining such a culture is providing safeguarding training to those who interact with Equalisers, consistently communicating our values, organising in an inclusive manner, considering how our activities are run, and considering how we generally treat each other. It is also intervening when we see that others may be considering unacceptable conduct and holding them to account if unacceptable conduct occurs.

Nevertheless, Staff/Volunteers and external individuals engaging with Equalisers are expected to act within the word, spirit and intent of this policy; with strict consequences detailed in the policy when behaviour does not meet the requisite standard.

To report wrongdoing experienced or witnessed at EE, please click here.

Note: This Safeguarding Policy is currently active. It is titled as “Interim” only as it awaits ratification by the EE National Council at its next meeting in September 2019.

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Interim Safeguarding Policy