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We are young people from all over the world, horrified by the on-going genocide being perpetrated by the state of Israel against the people of Palestine, with the full support of the United States government and President Joe Biden. 

As we enter the new year, and the fourth month of Israeli siege and bombardment of Gaza, more than 30 000 Palestinians, including more than 12 000 children, and almost 60 000 people have been injured by Israeli attacks on Gaza. 

About 1.9 million Palestinians – half of whom are children – have been displaced and are living under horrific conditions facing starvation, dehydration, and the increasingly high risk of disease with no access to medicine or proper healthcare; all as a result of Israel’s genocidal siege of Gaza since October 2023.   

As a result of Israeli bombardment of Gaza from land, air, and sea: 67,946 housing units have been completely destroyed and 179,750 housing units have been partially damaged. Other facilities targeted by Israel during its ongoing attacks include 318 schools; 1612 industrial facilities; 169 health facilities, including 23 hospitals, 57 clinics, and 89 ambulances; 201 mosques; three churches; and 169 press offices. [EuroMed Human Rights Monitor

We also note the ongoing violence in the occupied West Bank, where over the past four months Israeli Occupation Forces have detained more than 5 000 people, including hundreds of children! More than 300 Palestinians have been killed and over 3 000 injured in the occupied West Bank since October 7, 2023. 

The list of horrors goes on and on, and to date has not been stopped or slowed by those who have the power to do so. Nothing can justify this. The genocide of the people of Palestine, and the slaughter, siege, displacement, imprisonment and starvation of Palestinian children must stop now! 

As young people of the world, we cannot stand by, and we have not been standing by. We will continue to stand up for the people of Palestine – especially for our fellow young people there.   

We strongly support the case brought by the South African government in the International Court of Justice (the World Court) charging the state of Israel with the crime of genocide. We call on all other state parties to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (the Genocide Convention) to support this application and to fulfill their own legal and moral obligations to prevent the crime of genocide in accordance with the Convention and in accordance with basic humanity. 

This case will be heard in the Hague on 11 and 12 January. Our day of action will coincide with the second day of the hearings when Israel will respond to the charge of genocide. 

The United States government, under the leadership of President Biden, stands alone in the world in blocking ceasefire resolutions at the United Nations, while it has continued and increased its monetary, military and diplomatic support for the state of Israel as it carries out this genocide.    

We strongly support the Defense for Children International-Palestine, et al. v. Biden case filed in U.S. federal court by Palestinian human rights organisations, together with Palestinians in Gaza and the U.S. based organisation the Center for Constitutional Rights against President Biden, Secretary of State Blinken, and Secretary of Defense Austin for the U.S. officials’ failure to prevent the Israeli government’s perpetration of genocide against Palestinians in Gaza. 

These legal cases echo what millions of people across the world have been demanding in the streets, for months: end Israel’s genocide in Gaza!  

Endorsements of this statement are open to youth organisations, youth movements and ALL allies!