thumbnail of 1-submission_to_pc_on_basic_education-1

Equal education submission to Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Basic Education on how to improve access to basic education

thumbnail of 2-comments_on_basic_laws_amendment_bill

Written submissions on the Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill

thumbnail of 3-comment_on_action_plan_2014

Submission on national Department of Basic Education’s Action Plan

thumbnail of 5-equal-education-comment-on-needu-bill

EE and EELC submission on National Education Evaluation and Development Unit (NEEDU) Bill

thumbnail of 6-2012-05-18-eelc-comment-on-behalf-of-ee-on-draft-district-policy

EELC commentary on behalf of EE on the Basic Education Department’s draft policy on Organisation, Roles and Responsibilities of Education Districts

thumbnail of 7-2012-05-31-eelc-comment-on-behalf-of-ee-on-national-planning-commission-plan

EELC comment on the National Development Plan

thumbnail of DoRA Presentation 12.03.2017 pdf

Submission to the Standing Committee of Appropriations 2017


thumbnail of 9-ee-sahrc-submission-june-2016

EE submission to SA Human Rights Commission June 2016

thumbnail of 8-2013-10-11-ee-comment-on-september-2013-norms-draft-regs-final

EE comment on September 2013 draft Norms and Standards for Infrastructure regulations

thumbnail of ee-eelc-submission-to-high-level-panel

EE and EELC submission to High Level Panel on the Assessment of Key Legislation regarding quality and equality in education (Parliament)

thumbnail of ee-eelc-submission-to-the-select-committee-on-education-and-recreation

EE and EELC submission to National Council of Provinces on Section 100 Intervention in Eastern Cape

thumbnail of 2016-06-03-ee-eelc-submission-to-const-review-committee-final

EE and EELC submission calling for Constitutional amendment (to Joint Constitutional Review Committee)

thumbnail of standing-committee-on-appropriations-submission-division-of-revenue-2016-equal-education

Submission on the 2016 Division of Revenue Bill

thumbnail of equal-education-submission-to-the-fees-commission-june-2016

EE’s submission to the Higher Education Fees Commission 2016

thumbnail of ee-submission-on-draft-wc-provincial-school-education-amendment-bill

EE submission on the Western Cape Education Department’s draft amendment Bill

thumbnail of Final DoRA 2017 Submission

Equal Education submission to the Standing Committee on Appropriations, on the 2017/18 Division of Revenue Bill

thumbnail of Standing-Committee-on-Appropriations-Submission-Division-of-Revenue-2016-Equal-Education-3

Standing committee on appropriations

submission division of revenue 2016.

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