thumbnail of 1-submission_to_pc_on_basic_education-1

Equal education submission to Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Basic Education on how to improve access to basic education

thumbnail of 2-comments_on_basic_laws_amendment_bill

Written submissions on the Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill

thumbnail of 3-comment_on_action_plan_2014

Submission on national Department of Basic Education’s Action Plan

thumbnail of Joint CSO Submission to Parliament on 2017 MTBPS

Joint CSO submission to Parliament on 2017 MTBPS

thumbnail of 5-equal-education-comment-on-needu-bill

EE and EELC submission on National Education Evaluation and Development Unit (NEEDU) Bill

thumbnail of 6-2012-05-18-eelc-comment-on-behalf-of-ee-on-draft-district-policy

EELC commentary on behalf of EE on the Basic Education Department’s draft policy on Organisation, Roles and Responsibilities of Education Districts

thumbnail of 7-2012-05-31-eelc-comment-on-behalf-of-ee-on-national-planning-commission-plan

EELC comment on the National Development Plan

thumbnail of DoRA Presentation 12.03.2017 pdf

Submission to the Standing Committee on Appropriations 2017

thumbnail of EE Comment on MTT Report 2017

EE comments on MTT Report 2017

thumbnail of 9-ee-sahrc-submission-june-2016

EE submission to SA Human Rights Commission June 2016

thumbnail of 8-2013-10-11-ee-comment-on-september-2013-norms-draft-regs-final

EE comment on September 2013 draft Norms and Standards for Infrastructure regulations

thumbnail of ee-eelc-submission-to-high-level-panel

EE and EELC submission to High Level Panel on the Assessment of Key Legislation regarding quality and equality in education (Parliament)

thumbnail of ee-eelc-submission-to-the-select-committee-on-education-and-recreation

EE and EELC submission to National Council of Provinces on Section 100 Intervention in Eastern Cape

thumbnail of 2016-06-03-ee-eelc-submission-to-const-review-committee-final

EE and EELC submission calling for Constitutional amendment (to Joint Constitutional Review Committee)

thumbnail of standing-committee-on-appropriations-submission-division-of-revenue-2016-equal-education

Submission on the 2016 Division of Revenue Bill

thumbnail of equal-education-submission-to-the-fees-commission-june-2016

EE’s submission to the Higher Education Fees Commission 2016

thumbnail of ee-submission-on-draft-wc-provincial-school-education-amendment-bill

EE submission on the Western Cape Education Department’s draft amendment Bill

thumbnail of Final DoRA 2017 Submission

Equal Education submission to the Standing Committee on Appropriations, on the 2017/18 Division of Revenue Bill

thumbnail of Standing-Committee-on-Appropriations-Submission-Division-of-Revenue-2016-Equal-Education-3

Standing committee on appropriations

submission division of revenue 2016.

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