Support BM section fire survivors – a message from the Treatment Action Campaign

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A fire in BM section, Khayelitsha, on 1 January 2013 started at about 05h00 and left around 4000 homeless people. The body count stands at 15, with more bodies expected to be discovered.

The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) Khayelitsha office went to visit the area of disaster. We have asked friends of the TAC to donate clothes, blankets, food and anything that they can help Khayelitsha residents rebuild their homes.

We managed to locate seven of our TAC member families. These families together added up to 33 people including children as young as a month old. We also made a list of those in need of chronic medications and we found 20 mostly at Ubuntu clinic.

We have set up a TAC support team made up of:

1.       Sonia Tombe in charge of distribution

2.       Andile Madondile and Sr Mpumi  in charge of those who need medication

3.       Andile Madondile and  Masa Nkawule in charge of tracing our members and their families

4.       Mthuthuzeli Dutyulwa, Micheal Hamnca and Vuyiseka  in charge  of donations and pick-ups

Today we received donations of clothes and food from Anso Thom, Nicola Brewer, Vuyiseka Dubula, Lynette Marrian, Peter Benjamin, Carohn Cornell and their families. Thank you for their speedy response. We distributed to all the families that we managed to trace, we also received a donation of R1000 which will go towards buying school uniforms for the children.

Please continue to support and share this message ith your friends. We need more clothes, blankets and children clothes. If you have something to give we can pick up as well through Vuyiseka 082 763 3005 and drop off at TAC Khayelitsha office at Sulani Drive, Town one properties and contact Sonia  078 7037 666

Thank you again for your support